2016 ︎

The City Dossier Issue One

︎ Creative Direction, Print Design, Digital Content

The brain child of Jessica Leitch and myself, The City Dossier was founded in hopes to spotlight hardworking local creatives as well as spread ideas within the St. Louis creative community. The first issue of our indie publication was completed in 6 weeks during the spring of 2016 — from conception to distribution — and I served as the founding designer as well as contriubted to creative direction, illustration, copywriting, content creation and marketing. Even though 500 limited edtion copies were printed, it made a robust impact and is still mentioned in St. Louis to this day.

The City Dossier Issue Two

For the summer edition of The City Dossier, I served as EIC while my co-founder was traveling for the summer. Not only did I execute the design and art for this issue, but I organized contributors, copy editors, printing and distribution.