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One friday night in June 2018, I was sitting in my apartment in Chicago when somewhat arbitrarily I decided to post a collection of my favorite internet memes from the preceding week on my instagram story. And somehow that tradition has been kept alive for over two years.

Let’s do the math, shall we? I post a **conservative estimate** of 75 memes a week. That’s about 4,000 a year, racking up at least 8,000 memes over two years. It takes me **another conservative estimate** of half an hour to prepare and post the memes. That’s at least 52 hours over two years, which is, pardon my French, fucking insane.

They say those who can, do, and those who can’t, curate. Since I completely lack any morsel of energy or will to conceptualize and execute humorous content I’m glad to have a way to flex my comedic muscles and make others laugh by sharing a collection of funny content that demonstrates my wicked sense of humor.

Like those born in the late nineties, I am a child of the internet. Growing up through the early naughts uninspiring suburbs of Chicago naturally led me to the depths of the world wide web. My early years were shaped by watching things like Flight of the Conchords, Whitest Kids U Know, Homestar Runner and many other youtube oddities; during formative years I scoured Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan for laughs from irreverent uploads whenever boredom struck and I was in proximity to a device with internet connection.

Here on the opposite side of a computer screen others were expressing a brutal but witty authenticity that encompassed the comical reality of frivilous human strivings for which I was developing an awareness: it taught me that life is absurd — but that’s no reason for despair! Humor can, and should, be a salient shield in response to being human. This was an idea, a philosophy I couldn’t access anywhere else in my immediate life. So I leaned further into the abyss of the internet and learnt to wield the ability to laugh at myself as a sword.

Throughout complex PTSD recovery, I lean on humor as a crutch to help me navigate the sobering track of living life after familial abuse. Experiencing some pretty depraved shit has allowed me to fully appreciate the medicine of laughter. The way I see it, there is nothing more powerfully healing than learning to laugh at your pain; for just a moment the object causing you strife becomes the object of jest, offering you power over your pain in the form of laughter.

All I want is for humanity to move forward in healing and I will do the best I can in order to contribute to that upwards inertia — especially when it is in the form of internet memes. I’d like for my (digital) presence to be in service of others by making your lives a little more liveable. So now, every single friday night, I get to give the greatest gift: laughter and connection through memes.

To commemorate just that I’ve been working hard to release this line of Meme Merch. An idea I’ve been brainstorming since early 2019 has finally come to life a year and a half later. What better way to celebrate two years of weekly meme drops than with some sick swag created by the meme queen herself?

Yes, life is absurd, but at least we can help each other through it by championing that absurdity with a wry, humourous stance and let our amused fascination light up the dark.

It is a privilege to be included in your weekly routines and I’m thankful to have a small corner of the internet where others can equally enjoy dark memes. There truly isn’t anything quite like harnessing the connective power of the internet to laugh at life’s absurdity along with recurring digital strangers turned online friends.

I’m ride or die for Meme Friday. You can count on that. I have more memes on my camera roll than photos and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Why should it? Life is much too important to be taken seriously.